'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Global Challenge is hugely grateful for the financial support we receive from Queens Road Baptist Church and members of the general public. Our money is used to support a variety of projects but, most of our funding goes towards supporting Crossroads School.


The charity is very fortunate to have many highly skilled teachers at Crossroads School and paying these loyal teachers represents our greatest funding requirement. We currently do not pay as much as teachers would earn in government run schools, and would like to pay them more, ideally £100 per month for full timers.  We can only forward plan what we can pay the teachers once we know the total of regular donations expected in the coming year and it is this area where your support is most valued and appreciated.


How You Can Help


If you would  like to support us, there are many way which you could help. Some of the options are:


  • Pledge to become a Global Challenge sponsor and help us work with our partners to build a hopeful future for the children of Soroti.  For £10 a month or more, you can help bring about real change.  If you have a specific area of interest, Global Challenge are happy to direct  your contributions towards a particular area of our work.  Global Challenge will provide regular feedback on the progress, joys and achievements of the children and families we work with.
  • Email globalchallengecharity@qrbc.net for further information on how to give, including standing order forms and bank transfers.
  • Click on the link to donate via our Stewardship Giving Account
  • Donate  here for Paypal  You can also find the PayPal button at the side of each article on our website. PayPal will accept a recurring donations option if you would  like to donate regularly. Please bear in mind that PayPal charge the charity a small fee of around 2% of your donation.
  • Donating by Cheque

    For anyone who wishes to make a donation by cheque please send it to:

    Global Challenge,
    Queens Road Baptist Church,
    2 Queens Road,
    Kent CT10 1NU.

    Tel: 01843 602762

  • Donating by Standing Order.

    If you wish to make regular donations and do not wish to use Stewardship Giving, please contact us for a Standing Order form.  If you need help, please contact us by e-mail, or phone the church (Tel: 01843 602762) and a Trustee will respond. We will be happy to help you set up a trouble free on-going monthly arrangement.

  • Gift Cards

    Instead of buying presents, why not consider donating the money to Global Challenge instead and sending a gift card in place of the present? Some people really welcome this idea and it takes the hassle out of buying presents when you are not sure what to buy anyway!

    Gift cards are available at reception at Queen’s Road Baptist Church. Alternatively, email or phone us and we will send you some.

  • Gift Aid Declaration

    Don’t forget that if you pay tax, the government will give us 25p for every £1 that you give us, as part of their gift aid scheme. All you need to do is fill in a Gift Aid Form and send to Global Challenge, Queens Road Baptist Church, 2 Queens Road, Broadstairs, Kent CT10 1NU.

    Gift Aid payments have a substantial impact on the charity’s work. We would not be able to fund the projects we run without Gift Aid.

  • Easy Fundraising


    Easy Fundraising is another service that also supports Global challenge when you shop online, with a range of 500 well known retailers, such as Tesco, M & S and many more.

    To raise money for Global Challenge at no extra cost to yourself, you first need to register- click on http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/. Once registered, stay on the Easy Fundraising site and enter the retailer you want in the search field. You will automatically be directed to the retailer’s shopping site and when you make a purchase, the retailer will donate a percentage of your purchase to Global Challenge. This is because the overheads associated with internet shopping are a fraction of what they are in the High Street.

    Why do retailers make free donations?

    It seems generous, but with the invention of the Internet retailer’s overheads have greatly reduced. Online there’s no shop, heating, electricity, rates, shop-fittings, salesperson, and so on. Many retailers are more than happy to help support good causes when a new ‘online customer’ is introduced to them.

    What will it cost Global Challenge & its supporters to use/join?
    Nothing. There are no joining fees or monthly subscriptions and you can use the site as little or as often as you like to raise funds for Global Challenge.

    Revenue potential
    The amount the charity can raise depends on what is purchased – each product has a different donation associated with it. For example, a new mobile phone may generate approx £15, a motor insurance policy £35, a new CD or DVD 2% of its value. Research shows that for every 25 people who actively use this type of service, approx £500 per annum (or more) can be raised for your organisation.

  • As a final note, we would just like to say thank you so much for your interest and generosity. All of the support we receive helps to drive our projects forward and not one donation or gesture is over-looked.