'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Epurie and Enriko

Redressing the Balance

Epurie and Enriko

Epurie and Enriko were made homeless after the LRA incursions. They became ill and were struggling to survive. A group of Global Challenge supporters joined together to sponsor the couple to ensure their future. Their monthly sponsorship provided food, shelter, clothing and medicine in their twilight years.

A few years ago Enriko fell ill again and sadly passed away at Christmas 2008. It has been a very difficult time for all involved, especially Epurie, though she has been encouraged by the love and support of her Global Challenge friends who are eager to continue their sponsorship. This ensured that Enriko’s medical expenses were paid during his last period of illness and helped relieve the worry of financial pressures at that time. Global Challenge supporters also ensured all expenses associated with Enriko’s passing were met, so that he was laid to rest with dignity and his widow continues to be provided for.

In October 2011, Project Co-ordinator Abraham took Global Challenge Trustee John Rew to visit Epurie in the quiet small community she now lives with her family, about ten miles north of Soroti. The village is about a mile from the nearest dirt road and access was down a narrow path through the bush.

Epurie’s home

John in Epurie’s community

John was the first white person ever to visit the community and she seemed well and very appreciative of the support Global Challenge provides.

Epurie in 2014

Here is Epurie in 2014, keeping warm in a blanket knitted by Jean Hammond and her group of Global Challenge supporters, always grateful for the kindness Global Challenge supporters show her.