'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Extraordinary measures required!

Redressing the Balance

Extraordinary measures required!

As a charity we have a commitment at Crossroads Secondary School to pay for the staff salaries and sundries (such as text books for the new National Curriculum in Uganda and Bibles for pupils new to the school), as well as the cooks’ salaries, so that the pupils have a substantial meal each lunchtime.

However, times are exceptionally difficult for parents and carers as a result of the pandemic: financial hardship and ruin has caused a lot of suffering and even more poverty for the pupils at Crossroads.

As trustees we are taking the extraordinary measure in requesting support for student fees. Usually, we rely on the school board to determine which pupils deserve free places. But now we have received information on non-payment of fees for the previous terms, where there are 74 students who have defaulted to different degrees, each owing between 24,500 Ugandan shillings (£4 equivalent UK pounds) and 189,000 Ugandan shillings(£42 equivalent UK pounds).

The total amount of fees owed is  7,612,000 Ugandan shillings (£1,691.56 equivalent UK pounds).

We are asking if you are able to pay off a debt so that the parents do not need to worry about the school fees that they still owe for the last 2 terms? Some have been able to contribute a little, some have not been able to contribute any. So, if you are able to give any money at all then every penny counts in cancelling out their debts.

We have a display board at Queens Road Baptist Church (QRBC) in Broadstairs, with envelopes for each of the 74 pupils stating how much they each owe (in the equivalent UK pounds).

If you would like to contribute any other amounts then there are spare unwritten envelopes for you to put any amount in.

If you would like to help or are keen to give regularly to the school, then please speak to a trustee about setting up a standing order or email us for a form and return the completed form to the office at QRBC.

Please email us at: globalchallengecharity@qrbc.net or use the contact form on this website. Alternatively, you can contact us at:

Global Challenge, Queens Road Baptist Church
2 Queens Road
Queens Road
CT10 1NU

Thank you in anticipation for your support.

Please enjoy some images from a previous visit to Crossroads School in Soroti, Uganda.

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