'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Global Pandemic Can’t Stop Billy!

Redressing the Balance

Global Pandemic Can’t Stop Billy!

Billy Outeke, our Special Needs local representative in Uganda, has been keeping us in touch with the children with special needs, despite the challenges the global pandemic has thrust upon us all! Billy
asks for prayer for Kazito, who we have been supporting for a few years. Billy says that “Kazito is grown and is doing well. He tries to stand and take a few steps with a walker but was struck down by illness and a bit weak now.”

We are excited to learn that five children with gluteal fibrosis, the post-injection paralysis caused by administering a malaria drug, will be operated on starting 14th June 2022.

Through Billy’s care and intervention, Global Challenge are supporting an 11 year old called Ogwanen. Ogwanen has suffered with a bone infection for a very long time. According to Billy, his condition is quite appalling. The infected limb is shorter than the other with pathological fractures due to chronic osteomyelitis and by living in a very difficult socioeconomic environment. Billy tells us “Ogwanen needs multiple corrective surgeries to manage both the bone infection and fractures.” Global Challenge has committed to provide for the first surgery and a histology done to rule out a possible bone malignancy.
Billy also brings to our attention Adam, one of our volunteers from Asuret. Adam has not been very well and has had frequent episodes of illness in the past few months. (Asuret is a subcounty in Uganda. Asuret is in Soroti district. It has 4 parishes and 35 villages.)