'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

“Maybe the only thing I’m good at is running?”

Redressing the Balance

“Maybe the only thing I’m good at is running?”

It is with great pleasure and enormous gratitude that we can announce that Enock has completed his 200km Run in 30 days. In fact, he completed it in LESS than 30 days and has raised a STAGGERING £1,200 (with gift aid) for Global Challenge Charity! Enock’s final run took place where it began, 27 days earlier, in Salisbury Avenue in Broadstairs. But this time he had a posse of fans to help him on his way, including Dr Rev Stephen Cave, one of the Ministers of Queens Road Baptist Church and Katy Morgan, who had originally introduced Enock to the charity. The posse ran the final 1.89km to the Global Challenge offices situated at the Queens Road church building. Unbeknown to Enock, there was another posse of fans, headed up by Global Challenge trustee Angela Harding, waiting to greet him, brandishing balloons, elevenses and cake! A celebratory toast of sparkling grape and elderflower was accompanied by Enock cutting a chocolate cake, festooned with a fondant runner of remarkable resemblance (?!) that held a surprise candy filling!

The following day, Enock was able to continue celebrating this fantastic achievement in the Sunday service at Queens Road Baptist Church. During his speech, Enock reflected on the motivation that had led him to want to support the charity. He told us about how, as a boy in Uganda, he had to walk miles to school every day (giving the example of walking from Margate to Canterbury and back again as a typical school journey!), as well as then doing domestic work at home and looking after animals. Despite his challenging upbringing, he has achieved so much in the last eight years and wanted to do something to say “Thank you” to God. He says he wanted to contribute towards something and, in his own words, stated “Maybe the only thing I’m good at is running?” Enock thanked everyone in the community, both in the UK and Uganda, for the massive support he has received. After praying for Enock, Dr Rev Stephen Cave suggested Enock could use the balloons to hang on to, to take him back home!

Bless you, Enock, you have been amazing! Videos of Enock’s final run and celebrations can be seen on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/100593065066435/posts/334060315053041/ as well as him speaking during the Sunday service: https://www.facebook.com/100593065066435/posts/334856634973409/

Thank you to everyone who has supported Enock…you are amazing, too!!!