'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

The Beginning of Crossroads School

Redressing the Balance

The Beginning of Crossroads School

A group from Queens Road Baptist Church visited the area in 2005 and found that large numbers of secondary school aged children were unable to attend school because they simply could not afford the fees. Many of these children were orphans having lost one or both parents during the LRA incursions Three girls were the inspiration behind Crossroads school, and the birth of our charity, Global Challenge. It was decided that by sponsoring teachers and providing low cost or free education, many, many students affected by the rebel activity in Northern Uganda would be able to attend school.

Crossroads School had been operating briefly as a school before 2005, but closed due to unmet conditions laid down by the Government and due to Lords Resistance Army (LRA) activity.

Crossroads School in 2005 Finished school in 2007