'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Amazing Response!

Redressing the Balance

Amazing Response!

We have had an amazing response to our plea to help up to 74 pupils at Crossroads School. Many children have been unable to pay their school fees because of the dire economic climate. The children usually pay for their school place according to their means, but their means are almost ZERO at the moment! HOWEVER, due to the generosity of our Global Challenge supporters, we have nearly raised enough money to help pay for the fees of every child that is in need!

If you would like to help, email us via our contact page and we can forward you our bank details.

(Please refer to your donation as “School Fees”) or, if you are in Broadstairs, please pop any loose change into an envelope on the Global Challenge School Fees display board at Queens Road Baptist Church (ask at the reception desk for directions). Filling in Gift Aid forms, if you are a taxpayer, also helps greatly.

Thank you!