'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Challenges of Daily Life

Redressing the Balance

Challenges of Daily Life

Following Covid, the work of the pastors in Soroti has increased tremendously, and they are asking for our prayers.

Pastor Isaac is now Minister of Nakatunya IDP.  His father, Rev. Isaac, has retired.

Girfransio is now Senior Pastor at Rock View Church.

Pastor Abraham (who is also the local representative and Project Coordinator for Global Challenge Charity in Uganda) is supported by Pastor William and Billy (Special Needs local representative for Global Challenge Charity in Uganda) at New Life Church.

Many people are struggling with the challenges of daily life. Teenage pregnancies increased during the closure of the schools in the pandemic. Mental health is a concern. Suicides are on the increase.

Huge hikes in the cost of fuel means that prices, particularly food, are getting out of reach. Where normally people would be able to produce crops to help feed themselves, successive droughts, have meant they need to buy the staples.

Abraham writes:

My family has had another malaria attack, (the second in as many months) with nearly everyone falling sick.

The long drought has continued to destroy crops. Seems I’m also losing my cassava and groundnuts to the drought. 

Many people are starving again due to food shortage and high costs. Over 50 people reported dead due to starvation – mainly children and old people.

The gospel continues to be well received by many people. I counsel with and pray for many people daily – some of them getting saved!

In the midst of all the challenges, the church is growing!