'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

“Give Up Something Nice For Beans and Rice”

Redressing the Balance

“Give Up Something Nice For Beans and Rice”

WHEN? 22nd February – 6th April 

HOW MUCH? It’s free to sign up. Donate through Stewardship, by cheque or bank transfer.

LOCATION? Anywhere!

Give up something for Lent to provide school meals for pupils at Crossroads School in Soroti, Uganda.

What you choose to give up is entirely up to you… sugar, gaming, chocolate, cake, beer, fizzy drinks, takeaway coffees, TV…the choice is yours! Keep track of what you give up…That glass of wine? Donate £5 to Global Challenge. A cup of takeaway coffee? Donate £3.50. An hour of gaming? Donate £2… you can decide the amount. You can even give up more than one thing.  

Use our 40 days of Lent tracker to record your progress. There are two designs to choose from at the bottom of this page. Click on either image to download and print out your favourite! Tick off each day you give up something. 

Just remember, you are helping to provide school meals for pupils at Crossroads Secondary School in Soroti, where approximately £5 pays for a student’s school meals for a whole month!

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to give up something for the whole of Lent. What matters is that you are enjoying yourself and are raising awareness of the work we do at Global Challenge. Just do as much as you can.

Ready to get started?

We know you can do it!

The easiest way to send cash donations to Global Challenge is by donating to the online Stewardship “Give UP Something Nice for Beans and Rice” fundraising page:https://www.stewardship.org.uk/partners/globalchallengecharity/oneoff (this special page is open NOW.)

Alternatively, you can:

Send in a cheque made payable to Global Challenge Charity. Enclose a note including your full name and an explanation that you raised the money for the “Give Up Something Nice For Beans and Rice!” Lent challenge. Post it to us at:

Global Challenge Charity

Queens Road Baptist Church

2 Queens Road



CT10 1NU

If sending via post, please also fill out our Gift Aid form so we can claim up to 25% Gift Aid. This form can be found on our Donate Now page in the drop down menu of this website.

Make a Bank Transfer… please email:

globalchallengecharity@qrbc.net for our bank details.

Email globalchallengecharity@qrbc.net photos of yourself doing the challenge and/or your decorated tracker, and we’ll put them on our social media sites including Facebook and Instagram (with your permission.) This will encourage others to join in and it would be fun to see your progress!

Click on image to download and print out tracker
Click on image to download and print out tracker