'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Meet Arwen, one of our youngest supporters in the UK!

Redressing the Balance

Meet Arwen, one of our youngest supporters in the UK!

Arwen loves making people happy!

During the first lock down Arwen was introduced to pocket money. To get pocket money each week, Arwen had a picture board of jobs to do such as feeding the fish or laying the table. She had to do at least 9 of these jobs a week and enjoyed putting ticks against each task once they were completed.

Arwen loves being helpful! With her pocket money Arwen must save some, give some to help others and spend some. To help others, Arwen’s parents talked about different ways she could do this and both Mum and Dad spoke about their times in Uganda. Arwen decided that she wanted to help someone in Uganda and worked out that buying chickens would be the best way to start.

Once Arwen had enough money for a few chickens, Arwen’s Mum and Dad agreed to match the amount saved. The pocket money raised was used to purchase chickens for Jonathan in Uganda. Jonathan has been given a pair of chickens that have enabled him to start a poultry project that will enable him to acquire books and other materials for school, to help in his education. Jonathan is grateful to the family who blessed him with these chickens and would love to meet them one day. Arwen is very proud of this and loves making people happy x

See Jonathan receiving his chickens from Uganda volunteer, Posiano, on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/100593065066435/posts/335471368245269/