'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

More Adventures of Katy in Soroti

Redressing the Balance

More Adventures of Katy in Soroti

Katy, Tim, Joanna and Enock enjoyed sunning themselves in the iconic circle architecture of their Soroti hotel while waiting for our Global Challenge Special Needs Coordinator, Billy.

Billy and his colleague, Adam, drove them to visit Lazarus and his family. They met Lazarus’ first goat and the new baby kid they’ve named Gareth!

Lazarus proudly shared his school work with Katy and then presented the visitors with a live chicken! (The chicken later enjoyed it’s 5 and a half hour trip back to Entebbe, where it was presented to Enock’s friend, Geoffrey.)

After Lazarus, Billy took Katy and family to visit Martha and saw her new wheelchair. They were quite taken by Martha’s lovely family and amazing parents.

The next visit was to John who is making some awesome shoes. Unfortunately, there were no shoes to purchase. Katy told John she would collect some cut outs of people’s feet in the UK and send them over to John. We can collect the orders on our next visit to Soroti!

Later that evening, Katy and family had dinner with Global Challenge Local Representative and Project Coordinator, Pastor Abraham Okurut and his wife, Irene. They also enjoyed breakfast at their house with the Okurut family the following morning before visiting Crossroads Secondary School.

At Crossroads, Tim taught the students the basics of Ultimate Frisbee. The team had taken out some Ultimate Frisbee sets to teach the students and then leave behind for them to practice…ready for a rematch next visit???

Katy, Tim, Joanna and Enock took part in a final assembly and left sweets and pencils with the Head teacher for him to give out at his discretion.

Katy writes” Although we had such a short time in Soroti, it was so worthwhile. What a great sense of love and passion for the work they undertake – both at school and in the special needs project. What a privilege to play a small part in this work. I need to add that everyone we spoke to sent their love and thanks to the trustees, both past and present, and all the supporters of Global Challenge.”