'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Case Studies

Redressing the Balance

Case Studies

Written by Billy Outeke our special needs coordinator in Soroti, Uganda

Isaac 15 years

He is a Deaf boy from Gweri sub county.

He was home with no hope of ever going back to school or gaining a skill in any vocation. His family were struggling with him as he was so unhappy and very frustrated at not being able to communicate with others. Being a teenager the parents were so worried about his future.

So thanks to sponsorship from supporters of GC Isaac is now a very hopeful, vibrant and focused young man. He now attends Ngora school for the Deaf on a new 2 year programme with ambition to finish his schooling to the best of his ability and then be able to setup a workshop to support his parents and siblings.

The family has been so excited about this opportunity.


He was identified at community clinic at a young age, with chronic osteomyelitis of the the left femur.

GC-SNP paid for his surgery then and he got well and resumed school having been home for over three years.

GC also started paying for his course (Certificate in Motor mechanics) slightly over two years ago.

Great NEWS; he completed his course December 2019 and is waiting for his final results. But most importantly, Solomon has received practical training and able to start of his a professional carrier in motor mechanics-glory to God!

He had no idea how his life was going to be three years ago with no hope of funds to further his education after completing his primary 7.

Look what God has done! 

Isaac (Centre)