'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Malaria Complications & Cerebral Palsy

Redressing the Balance

Malaria Complications & Cerebral Palsy

Salome, now aged 8, had a normal birth but suffered complications from malaria when she was two years old. She was subsequently rejected by her parents and is now looked after very well by her grandmother, Tata.

Salome cannot speak or stand for long, she will need both speech therapy and physiotherapy. Tata always contacts our co-ordinator Billy, or volunteer Peter, if she has problems.

Michael suffers from cerebral palsy after contacting malaria. Our co-ordinator Billy is educating his mother in the delivery of physiotherapy exercises. Michael needs a specialist seat, to be provided by Global Challenge, which will greatly enhance his positioning.

Michael here with his mother

Mark, aged fourteen, has cerebral palsy caused by poor treatment for malaria which resulted in a brain injury. Since then he has also bravely fought to deal with the effects of tuberculosis. In 2012 he had a serious chest infection, but has since made a good recovery despite becoming very malnourished.

In August 2013 the Trustees were delighted to learn that Mark now attends a Day Care Centre for children with disabilities at Global Care, in Pamba.

Joshua was seen by physiotherapist Sarah Hearle in August 2013. He needed therapy and mum took notice, the exercises have made a real difference.

When Trustee John visited in June 2014 Joshua could hold his head up for the first time, real progress!