'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

“We’ve done it and we can do it!” Enock’s second run.

Redressing the Balance

“We’ve done it and we can do it!” Enock’s second run.

Five days after his maiden run, Enock embarked on the second stage of his challenge: “200km Run in 30 Days”. With this run he clocked up 25.19km and a motto “We’ve done it and we can do it!”

Pausing for a video diary update approximately 59 minutes into his run, https://www.facebook.com/groups/178097185715160/permalink/1717673575090839/ Enock had covered 13km.

”We’re heading the right way,” he tells us.

“Some of you might have a rough idea of where I am…I’m in Portsmouth!”

Enock sets off on his run again and makes his way to the landmark Spinnaker Tower. Having run for about 1 hour 55 minutes and completing 24km, he informs us he still has one and a half kilometres left to get home! Seemingly unfazed and NOT looking like he has been running for nearly two hours, Enock proclaims:
“How amazing is that? Thank you for keeping on donating, thank you for keeping on following and thank you for your prayers…Please keep donating. Ignore the bare minimum which we said that is £500, you can still donate more money. Our brothers and sisters there in Uganda, Soroti, they need us. They need every single effort we can put in to help them out.”

After receiving Enock’s video diary, Global Challenge informed him that he had already raised 97% of his target (£485, £575 with Gift Aid)
“Woow, that’s amazing!” He writes in a text message, “I didn’t expect it to happen this quick. My sponsors are adding pressure now. Need to push more as well.”

The following day, Enock completed another run of just over 8km…as a recovery run!

“You guys have motivated me. I wouldn’t be here running again if it wasn’t you and for your giving hearts. To be honest, that love is massive, we don’t take it for granted!”

Enock, you are AMAZING, we can’t wait to hear your next update.

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