'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Text Book Update

Redressing the Balance

Text Book Update

In the face of adversity our co ordinator in Uganda, Abraham, is battling to get more school books for Crossroads School. On his most recent trip he discovered the books had not been saved as promised, so he returned empty handed. His second attempt was thwarted by the rise of covid infections in Kampala.

Here is the message about the situation that he sent to our trustee, Anne (circa 3 June 2021):

“I was to go on Monday but had to halt the journey because of news about an upsurge of covid-19 cases in Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso. The president addressed the nation on Saturday and discouraged travels to Kampala. The national covid task force met on Wednesday and we expect another national address by the President tomorrow evening. There are speculations that some restrictions might be re-imposed on us. Pray with us that a lock-down won’t be their resolution.”

We thank Abraham for his perseverance. Hopefully his next trip will be more successful.

In March 2021 we reported that the Ugandan Education Board had finally released the list of required textbooks to cover the new syllabus and so Global Challenge prioritised funding in this area for Crossroads School. Although a struggle to obtain the stock, we are pleased to announce that the Head Teacher, with the stellar support of Pastor Abraham Okurut, has received both teacher’s guides and pupil text books. Students taking the eleven compulsory and four elective subjects will now have the appropriate resources to guide them in their studies.

Thank you to all our supporters and fundraisers who are helping our friends and partners in Soroti. You are making a difference!