'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Christmas Day Collection

Redressing the Balance

Christmas Day Collection

WOW! The Christmas Day 2022 Service collection at Queens Road Baptist Church in Broadstairs raised £700 and this has kindly been donated to Global Challenge to go towards the school meals at Crossroads Secondary School in Soroti,  Uganda.

As reported previously, all families are struggling with price increases in Uganda, as we are in the UK. Huge hikes in the cost of fuel means that prices, particularly food, are getting out of reach. Where people would normally be able to produce crops to help feed themselves, successive droughts, have meant they need to buy the staples.
Abraham, our Coordinator says “The economy here has continued to bite really hard… Prices of basic commodities and rents have subsequently risen. For instance a kilo of beans which cost Shs. 2,200 (equivalent to £0.49 GBP) in April is now at Shs. 4,000 (equivalent to £0.91 GBP) while posho (cornflour) has gone up from Shs. 1,700 per kilo (equivalent to £0.37 GBP) to Shs. 2,500 (equivalent to £0.57 GBP)“

The fantastic donations from Christmas day will have a significant impact on Crossroads School’s ability to get supplies and subsequently feed their pupils.