'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Crossroads returns

Redressing the Balance

Crossroads returns

After nearly 2 years of being closed due to Lockdown, the staff and governors have ensured that all was ready and safe for them and the pupils to return to Crossroads secondary school. This included:

6th Jan: Planning meeting held 

7th Jan: COVID 19 school task force group had a meeting and were charged with the duty of COVID safety enforcement within the school.

8th Jan: staff induction workshop held before opening the school. The chairman of the Board of Governors also visited the school to check on things before reopening. He found staff cleaning the classrooms and furniture.The country’s president has directed that vaccination is compulsory for all staff. The Headteacher will have to keep and provide a list of all staff who have had at least one vaccination, ensuring that he sees all the vaccination cards of staff, as this is a requirement for all schools.

10th Jan: pupils returned. There are concerns that parents may struggle to be able to pay school fees as the harvests have been so bad during lockdown and businesses generally have suffered. However, Global Challenge have been able to purchase text books for the new school curriculum and lab equipment for the necessary science lessons. It is also good to hear that the two part time temporary teachers (History and Biology) are ready to resume work again at Crossroads, ensuring that we have a strong team of teachers to lead the new curriculum.

We are delighted that some previous students from Crossroads scored first grades in the national exams. At Crossroads secondary we only have classes for senior 1 to senior 4 and so pupils who have achieved well in their studies have to move on to a different secondary school. Two of the Crossroads pupils wish to start senior 5 year at Soroti secondary school. The school fees there are £45 per term for each child. They need to complete 2 years and each year has 3 terms. However, their father has abandoned the family home and so they cannot afford to enrol at Soroti Secondary School. So we pray that these children will be able to continue their studies because we are able to fund this due to the generosity of our supporters.