'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

End of Term Gift Cards

Redressing the Balance

End of Term Gift Cards

We are inviting you to purchase a gift card.

The end of each school term is a time to celebrate our wonderful teachers in the UK. Why not give an extra special gift this term by purchasing a special gift card designed specially to celebrate the staff at Crossroads School in Uganda? Pastor Abraham, our coordinator in Soroti, kindly took photographs (with their permission of course) of each member of staff at the school and forwarded the photos to Global Challenge. We have been able to produce a lovely card, depicting the staff and parts of the school. There is no cost to purchase the card, we just ask for a donation/monetary gift of your choice. Obviously, the more you can afford to give the better! Each purchase acts as a donation to be shared amongst the staff at Crossroads School in Soroti, Uganda, to enhance their salaries. What better way to celebrate the teachers in your life than giving a gift to support the teachers who work equally hard in another part of the world?

Why do we need your support?

Global Challenge (GC) has supported Crossroads Secondary School in Soroti, Uganda for over 15 years. It is a place of joy, learning and community. A place where challenges are overcome and where children receive the knowledge and skills for a brighter future.

The school provides secondary education from S1 through to S4 when national exams are taken by pupils. It serves a diverse community and teaches around 300 pupils, many of whom are orphans or ‘parent orphans’ who would otherwise find it difficult to access education.

The school has a team of full and part-time teachers who are fully funded by Global Challenge, albeit at a minimal salary. This enables the school to function and reduces the fees for pupils. Global Challenge also provides a lunch for all pupils who attend the school and has funded the development of the kitchen, as well as other infrastructure at the school. Furthermore, Global Challenge supports the school through staff training during visits by teams from the UK and encouraging links with other local schools and education providers.

You can purchase a gift card at our HQ at Queens Road Baptist Church in Broadstairs or contact us via our contact page on this website. 100% of your donation will go straight to Crossroads School to enhance the salaries of the amazing staff that work there. Some staff have worked at the school the entire time Global Challenge has been involved with it and we value their commitment and support enormously.