'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Hoping To Raise Quite A Lot Of Money!

Redressing the Balance

Hoping To Raise Quite A Lot Of Money!

Junior Deeper, the youth group at Queens Road Baptist Church, are organising a Barn Dance for Saturday 18th May 2024. Hannah explains a little bit more about the plans for this fun event which she is helping to organise to “raise quite a lot of money for Global Challenge!”

Hannah explains why she thought of organising a Barn Dance, how easy it is to join in the fun, what you should wear and that you should bring lots of cash as there will be crafts and refreshments on sale too.

You don’t have to feel shy, or worried about coming on your own because everyone dances together, swapping partners, and you’ll be getting to know a lot of people in a very relaxed atmosphere!

The event was inspired by the “Grow Your Own £1 Challenge” which started in February. Initially a six week challenge but has carried on, fuelled by the youngster’s enthusiasm for the project! Amazing!