'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

New Kid in Town!

Redressing the Balance

New Kid in Town!

Do you remember this story?

“The children and young people at Cherry Tree Special School in Margate had raised money at their school fair and were keen to be directly involved in Global Challenge’s special needs project. Their school council decided to donate their hard-earned cash to the livestock project. They were keen to buy a pair of goats to support a special needs family. The Headteacher and Deputy were so proud of them that they too donated to Global Challenge and so we had enough money to buy four goats. However, Adam our volunteer in Gweri (one of Soroti’s four sub counties) was able to purchase six goats for the price of four. He also determined that each family only needed one goat each, as nearby families would enable their goats to mate! So six families have benefitted from the children and staff at Cherry Tree school and their kind donations.”

Well, Billy, our Special needs Coordinator, writes:

“The most recent beneficiaries are doing well with their goats. During one of our visits early last month we found one had already produced a kid!! The family is excited!”

The photos show Eulu and his family showing off their goat and kid!