'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Refurbishment – 2015

Redressing the Balance

Refurbishment – 2015

Access ramps

Access ramps have now been installed at the school for children with disabilities, making the school more accessible to all who visit or attend. The ramps can be seen just to the right of brother and sister, Nick and Polly, who were helping to repaint the school.

nick and polly


Improvements to ‘New Block’

The interior wall heights have now been raised so that they meet the sloping roof line, reducing noise in the classroom and lab, which are separated by the library and science storage areas.

A doorway has also been introduced so that the classroom and lab are interlinked internally.

The floor has also been screeded.




Both exterior and interior walls have been painted- and what a difference! This was a joint initiative- the group from QRBC

visiting the school in April 2015 working alongside some of the children



Power Supply

The power supply at the school has now been laid in to the classrooms in the older block, specifically for the Tailoring project. The  ‘New Block’ already has power.

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