'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

Information Technology

Redressing the Balance

Information Technology

Information Technology is  viewed by the Dept. of Sport and Education in Uganda as high priority. We supplied the school in 2012 with:

  • a new internet TV
  •  a  video recorder and tapes
  • 2 x DVD players
  • an overhead projector and acetates

These items, apart from the TV, have all been donated and brought out by the Trustees.

ICT Teacher, Liz Roberts

In August 2013, Liz Roberts, a primary school teacher and specialist in IT, spent time  tutoring Crossroads School teachers on the joys of the internet and emailing!

Trustees took out three donated laptops, together with a keyboard and screen for an existing desk top which has been repaired.

Steve the Carpenter, working very hard.

Steven, the carpenter, worked very hard to finish this table for the computers in Deputy Head, Deborah’s office. He learnt his craft from his uncle, as he had no money to attend senior school’.

Because the school is situated very near the large 200 metre high Rock overlooking Soroti, it has been very difficult to organise internet access for the school at a reasonable price. It has therefore been decided that, for the time being, the computers will be used for word processing, and other activities that do not involve the Internet.