'Redressing the balance' in Soroti and the surrounding areas.

School Operating License and Registration as an Exam Centre

Redressing the Balance

School Operating License and Registration as an Exam Centre

School License 

After re-opening the school in 2007, our next major objective was to apply for the school to be licensed with the Department of Education and Sport, so that the school could continue to operate. This step was to take almost 6 years.  Many improvements were required, the main one being a new block for a 4th classroom, library and  properly equipped science lab (see above). This building was finished in 2009. School furniture, textbooks, equipment and facilities have gradually been improved. Many inspections have been made and lengthy reports written, by both Soroti Municipal Council and the Dept. of Sport and Education in Kampala.

The license application was finally submitted in 2012, and the school awarded its license on 5th December 2012. We are especially grateful to the Headmaster of Halcyon School, Marcel Adyuna, a member of the Crossroads School Board, for his help and useful contacts. The school would not have re-opened in Jan 2013 if the license had not been awarded.

The award of the license was a very significant achievement.

School Board members with visitors.

School Board members with visitors.

School Registration

The next step for the School was to obtain Registration as an examination Centre. This was achieved on December 4th 2014, the culmination of 7 years of progress and a lot of paperwork and effort!  Following a further inspection in March 2015, the School was officially approved as an Exam Centre- one of only 2 schools winning approval in the Soroti District in 2015.

Senior Pastor Abraham Okorut, our Project coordinator, is now officially the school’s Proprietor and has worked tirelessly to achieve this goal, helped by Marcel Adunya, the Headmaster of Halcyon School, and Crossroads Teachers, Lillian Achiro and James Edyegu. 

This now means that year 4 students will sit their final exams at the school and not have to travel to another exam centre- saving the charity a considerable amount of money. The local status of the school would also be enhanced considerably.

Improvements GC has made as part of the process toward achieving Registration include::

  • 20 long tables and 40 stools for the Science lab
  • a wooden chair and table for each classroom teacher
  • lightning conductors on each building
  • Science apparatus and equipment to include pyrex conical flasks and test tubes
  • Chemicals and reagents for lab, Bunsen burners, gas cylinder, fire fighting equipment
  • resources for the tailoring project, including more machines and stools.
  • the purchase of new text books (approx. £500) every year to improve the library. Other text books have been donated by St George’s C of E school in Broadstairs, and Ravensbourne school in Bromley, but further book donations are not needed because the Ugandan curriculum is so different to that in the UK. 
  • 50 bibles
  • a computer system and internet TV
  • girl’s washroom with personal hygiene facilities   
  • building refurbishment 

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